JOIN The International Society Of Deliverance Ministers


If I am a deliverance minister, how do I become a member?

Nomination for new members comes one of two ways: (1) from a current member who knows the nominee and would recommend them for membership or (2) from an application and interview process. We feel that it is extremely important to establish and maintain a high level of integrity among deliverance ministers in ISDM.

1. All prospective members of ISDM must have read and agreed with the Prospectus.

2. Fill out the application form.

3. Prepare for a possible interview.

4. Upon approval, send your membership dues:

Tax notice for USA Deliverance ministers: your annual dues should not be considered a tax-deductible contribution. However in most cases you may deduct them as a professional expense. Check with your tax consultant.

New Membership

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