About Sylvie Sudduth

Sylvie Sudduth was born in France and grew up Catholic.  But after being led to read the Bible, she received revelation that Jesus Christ was alive and became a Born-Again Christian.  She immediately started serving the church: from evangelizing to ministering in various ways to the homeless, leading cell groups, teaching Adult Sunday School, and through missionary trips, all the while also teaching in Children’s Ministry, up until and during her years in Times Square Church in New York City. Sylvie’s heart for God, His people and the lost is evident to all who meet her. 

Having studied Economics, software and computer programing, she was offered a position in the United States, as an IT Project Manager for an investment bank and subsequently transitioned to Vice President in financial accounting and reporting.  

After sometime, she was called into full-time ministry.

Having walked with God for over three decades and along with consistently studying and learning about God’s desire to see His people set free, Sylvie served alongside her husband, Bill Sudduth, teaching and ministering on deliverance.  Together they have held hundreds of conferences and classes (nationally and internationally) that have helped people be set free and be equipped to engage in deliverance ministry as well, while also walking out the plans of God for their lives. 
Sylvie has been recognized as an Apostle with a specific mandate in deliverance and was commissioned as such by John Benefiel (HAPN). 

Sylvie is bilingual in French and English. Through the ministries she leads, her purpose is to ensure that the Body of Christ experiences the love of God and the promise for “…an abundant life…” (John 10:10).

Sylvie has 6 grandchildren (to date) and enjoys traveling, treasure hunting in thrifts stores, as well as baking and interior design.

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